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Our business cards arrived

Although our website was already live and we told the world that we started GoodOrange, the moment we received our business cards made us feel that our adventure had actually started. A lot of people consider business cards being a bit old fashioned. Nowadays contact details are easily exchanged online with an email or with a social network connection, and that’s of course true. But not having a business card at an offline meeting feels like a missed opportunity. Difficult to spell names can lead to awkward situations. But a business card is more than a name, position and contact details. It is a physical brand carrier which is a better representation of your brand than a digital e-mail signature. Better design and lay-out possibilities in combination with special paper types and printing techniques can give that extra value that strengthen the right perception of your brand. Like the good old fashioned spot varnish on the brand G really makes us happy. Besides this little piece of you and your brand, a business card is also the ultimate proof that you really met someone. And if there is one thing Covid-19 taught us, is how valuable offline meetings are.