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Sophisticated organic herbal tea blends, inspired by the Ayurvedic wisdom and a tradition of herbal healing. We are proud on our cooperation with La Alternativa, a family-owned company and the founders of the Hari tea brand.

La Alternativa asked GoodOrange to refresh and restructure the Hari tea packaging design. Since the handmade 100% cotton tea bags are a unique buying reason it was desired to have cut out window that was big enough for allowing consumers to see the bags. Besides visibility of the tea bags, it was asked to have 3 different languages on pack. To support the spiritual and enlightening character of the brand we’ve chosen to use the lotus flower symbol as the outer shape for the window. Patterns and outlines of important elements were decorated with gold foil to confirm the superb product quality and to enhance the gift worthiness. The rich ornamentation was perfectly balanced with brand logo and product information in multiple languages.