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Brand and packaging design concept for Frank & Fresh Coffee

Much of the coffee for sale on supermarket shelves is “old” coffee. It was roasted at least two months before purchase. While at about three days till 3 weeks after roasting, coffee is at its best. By 4 weeks, at most, coffee loses its aroma and flavor. So, a lot of people drink old coffee. With this insight, 3 friends and coffee lovers started Frank & Fresh Coffee, a new brand with a mission to let coffee consumers enjoy real freshly roasted coffee. Frank and Fresh Coffee is a on demand coffee roasting service. Their espresso beans will be delivered on your doorstep within 4 days after roasting.

Frank and Fresh Coffee asked GoodOrange to develop the brand visual identity and packaging concept. The somewhat rebellious character of the brand was translated into a powerful brand icon in which both F’s of the brand name play the leading role. The icon symbolizes the product and the roasting process. It is supported by the brand name in which some icon details return. The brand icon is the identifier of the visual identity and it is developed to use it as the main asset on all important touchpoints and communication items. Together with a primary color pallet of a warm green and the fiery red it represents the brand’s personality, the lover with a little bit of rebel, Frank and Fresh Coffee.